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Located right in the middle of the United Kingdom Manchester is a lively and vibrant city for
both youngsters and elder individuals. It is well-connected to the rest of the UK and World
with a central train station and an international airport located only a 20-minute drive from
the city center. The city shows a strong passion for music, drinks, and entertainment, in fact,
it is not a case it has been nicknamed by its citizens as Madchester, name originated from a
musical scene in the city in the late 1980s. Manchester offers a vast array of activities to be
done. If you have a passion for football, then you have chosen the right place to go. The city
is home to two of the most famous football teams in the world namely Manchester United
and City. A visit to their stadiums is strongly recommended and it has almost become a must
for tourists when in Manchester.
Although undeniably famous for football, this is not the only thing the city offers.
When wandering around its beautiful streets do not forget to stop by John Rylands Library.
The library is amongst the finest in the world holding a rare collection of manuscripts,
archives and books as well as being considered an extraordinary example of neo-gothic
architecture in Europe.
Manchester is also notorious for its multiple parks and gardens such as Fletcher Moss
Botanical Garden and Saint John’s Gardens just to name but a few. These are the perfect
place to enjoy peace and get away from the city’s frenetic life-style.Manchester has
achieved high popularity around the UK for being a budget-friendly fun place for nights out
and chill drinks with friends/colleagues.

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