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Situated on the Scottish west coast Glasgow perfectly portrays its country’s customs and
traditions. It is the largest city in Scotland and third-largest in the United Kingdom.
Its main two stations are Glasgow central and Glasgow Queen Street, respectively the first
and third busiest railway stations in Scotland. The city is also provided with an international
airport located just a few miles west of the main urban area.
Speaking with regards to art, Glasgow offers a vast range of Museums, Galleries and
Cathedrals. Amongst them stand out: The Glasgow cathedral, an extremely old gothic
building dating back to 1136; The Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum exposing over 800
objects which make the gallery the most-visited free attraction of Scotland. And The River
Side Museum, an astonishing modern building illustrating the history of Scottish
transportation and its progress over time.
The city gives the opportunity to partake in many exciting activities & games. An example of
this could be the Escape Room where you get locked up in a spooky chamber and need to
find the way out within 60 minutes.
And Let’s not forget the fancy kilted Scotts men on their bagpipes.

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