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Cambridge is a unique place that has developed from a sleepy market town with a small academic community
to a thriving city that's home to a world-beating university and Europe's largest technology cluster.
See Cambridge Differently guides will help you to discover Cambridge’s astonishing landmarks and rich
history. As well as uncovering some of the city’s hidden gems and secrets they will give you an idea of life in
Cambridge and the surrounding area both past and present and, most importantly, ensure you thoroughly
enjoy the experience.
A walking tour is the ideal way to get the most from a visit to Cambridge. Narrow, medieval streets and secret
passages unfold with stories of the city in the past and still developing today. There are 31 colleges and with
the help of your guide you might be able to visit one or two of these. King's College Chapel was started in
1446 and took over a century to build. Housing the largest fan vaulted ceiling in the world, its magnificent
altarpiece by Rubens and some of the finest medieval stained glass make it the 'must see' Cambridge
Cambridge is fortunate to be home to one of the finest small museums and art galleries in the country – the
Fitzwilliam Museum. Let our guides from See Cambridge Differently introduce you.
Punting on the River Cam – one of the top things to do in Cambridge! Take a fun boat trip on Cambridge's
favourite form of transport: the punt. Your chauffeured journey will take you along one of the most beautiful
stretches of river in England, with unique views of some of our most famous, landmark buildings, or if you’re
brave, try punting yourself!
There are numerous American connections here in Cambridge – from the memorial to Godfrey Washington
(George Washington's Great Uncle) replete with the Stars and Stripes, to the connection with Bill Gates and
the European Headquarters of Microsoft Research.
The Eagle Pub is a must see – a world famous ceiling covered with details of American airman from WWII,
and the spot where scientists Crick and Watson announced their discovery of DNA and the 'secret of life'.
Just outside Cambridge is the American Cemetery – the only one of its kind from WWII. With its white
headstones and inscribed Wall of the Missing, it's a wonderful slice of America in England.
Further afield is the historic airfield and museum of aviation history at Duxford, famous for its role in the Battle
of Britain. Here you can get up-close to some of the most famous aircraft in the world, including the Lancaster,
Spitfire, Concorde and Vulcan, and also visit the newly renovated American Air Museum, which tells the story
of the entwined military history of the US and UK from WW1 to present day.
Twelve miles from Cambridge is the ancient riverside town of Ely, home to one of England's oldest Cathedrals.
Dating from 1083, it is architecturally outstanding both for its scale and stylistic details.
A great day trip would be to venture into the neighbouring country of Suffolk, with its half-timbered, thatched
houses, and beautiful 'wool towns' – some of the best-preserved historic towns and prettiest villages in Suffolk.
Exploring them feels like stepping back in time to the 15th century, when the wool trade was at its peak, and
these were among the richest places in the country.
Come to Cambridge and See Cambridge Differently will make your visit interesting, fun and very memorable!

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